Do you dread talking to your teenager? When you do, does it often result in an argument? Are you embarrassed by your teenager’s behaviour, or maybe you’re just really worried about them?

If you find you’re having to attend school meetings and you’re worrying about the next parents’ evening, then counselling can help.

Unfortunately it can be difficult to get support for your teenager. School counselling services are under enormous pressure, and CAMHS (Child and Adult Mental Health Services) can struggle to offer appointments before things become serious.

Whether you just need some support and some ideas to help reduce tension, or whether you think both you and your teenager would benefit from counselling, I’m here to help.

Teenagers can really test us and all parents can need extra support. It may be that you are over stretched and under resourced. Teenagers often need an almost impossible balance of independence and guidance and it is quite normal for it to feel you are nearly always getting it wrong. I can help by working with you to add to your parenting resources during this influential period in your child’s life. 

I have found that the best way to give advice to teens is to find out what they want to do and advise them to do it.

Harry S Truman