I have extensive experience of working with children and young people in primary and secondary school settings and understand just how challenging and confusing life can be for them.  As a counsellor, I feel privileged to be able to help young people, and I understand how much this can help the whole family. I have a variety of resources to help young people feel safe in sharing their worries with me, and together we can look for ways to make things easier for them.

I have experience of supporting young people to achieve academically, and I work with pupils who struggle with mainstream school. I am interested in neurodiversity and the challenges of providing environments that enable learning and thriving, rather than just surviving. Sharing an understanding of ASD, or ADHD can be helpful for young people and all involved in their care and happiness  

I am excited to join Olivia’s practise and can offer both counselling to young people of primary and secondary school age.